Friday, October 27, 2017

Nathan diary

Can't wait to talk to mommy again she's going to call soon , the phone started ringing so I ran towards the phone that's hanging on one of the wall of the kitchen on the other side, I collected myself and answered the phone and accepted the call Mommy: hi Nathan Me: hi Momma Mommy: how are you baby ? Me: I am good and you ? Mommy: happy to hear you are doing great I am good too Me: momma Mommy: yes Nate ? Me: momma I miss and love you so much I wish I can hug you. Mommy: love and miss you too I have to go but will call you later today read the other letter that I sent you when you get it ok , have a good day . Me: momma I always read the letters and look forward to reading them , I know you have a way to send them which I am glad to read your letters . Mommy: I know you don't really understand how I send you the letters but I am happy to know that you know I have way ok mommy has to go now ok mommy has to do some more tasks and work out a little bit more , love you Nate Me: love you too momma. My heart is so happy that I been talking to my momma , can't wait to till the mail gets here so I can read momma letter , Baby Tony talked to here last night too he said he will look out for me ,I miss my son and other nephew I know they are good and baby Tony just wanted to stay with me he went on the trip for a few days before deciding he wanted to come back and not leave me alone , I sorted out the mail and I opened momma`s letter Dear Nathan I hope you are doing good . I Love and miss you so much can`t wait to see you soon and we can do what ever you want to do, my heart is filled of joy I enjoy our phone conversations , oh yes before I forget I sent you this chocolate bar I know have much you love chocolate , the other one is for Baby Tony tell him I cant wait to see him too . Love mama I held the letter to my heart and smiled , than I let Baby Tony read the letter , we need to get some more groceries and prepare for momma visit he said to me , yes we do cause soon can be real soon with momma this stays between me and you on else our family or friends finds out ok I said to \Baby Tony as I pulled him into a hug ok uncley he said oh momma wants to speak to you again when she calls back later I said to him , oh I love talking to her hopefully she really did change but I will look after you if anything cause we need to be careful Baby Tony said to me , I know I said to him. At 6:30 pm the phone started to ring I answered the phone the automatic voice came on do you want to expect the phone call for Federal Correctional Institution, Yazoo City , I said yes , oh yes momma is in the federal state prision of Mississippi, than a few seconds later mommy’s voice came on , than I passed the phone to Baby Tony after talking with mommy . I grabbed a sheet of blank paper, and a pencil and started writing the grocery list, me and Baby Tony together said goodnight and love you to momma . Me and Baby Tony gather snacks and drink and our dinner , went to the movie room . We watched movies after movies , and half past 1 we gathered out mess and took the dirty dishes to the kitchen and loaded up the dishwasher and threw out the trash and took out the garbage cans , brushed our teeth and and went to bed .

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Nathan's Diary

I watched as Baby Tony ,put the clean sheets on the bed. I started thinking about my mom I am having flash backs about the stuff she put me and dad through and she lied to dad  said that she wanted them to worked it out  and wanted me and her to have a stable mother and son relationship , she didn't mean the stuff she said to me and the stuff she did .  I caught mommy doing stuff you are supposed  to do with your husband or wife with other men a few times I didn't said anything to them I just would go and went the other side of the house with Jordan and buried my head on his fur and waited for uncle Rony since I would call him or one of our friends depending on who was in charge of me  man I miss her so much .

Are you ok ? Baby Tony asked me yes I am ,nephew I said to him , ok just making sure that you are good ,he said to me as he  hugged me , I love you Baby I said to him , love you too Nate , Baby Tony said back .

I left the room and headed downstairs , and opened the front door , beauitful day here in Detroit , I felt something fluffy rubbed aganist my legs , ok its either Jordan or Tony and Nathan or all three dogs so I looked down , yes its all of them.

Baby Tony do you want to go for a walk ? I asked him , sure I do , he said happily as he petted the dogs . 

I talked to mom and than went to bed happy I got to talk with her

Friday, May 27, 2016


me and my best friend have the same first name and middle name different last names , my full name is Tony Nathan Corona , his is Tony Nathan santos we were both born in Detroit City , he is my brother , he helps me get through tough situations, knows just the right words to say when I am down or unsure of stuff , he got my back and I have his back, we tour with each other at times and stared in the same movies and we guest stared in a couple of tv shows as brothers ! I love working with Tony hes fun to work with and fun to be around , we have a rap-song ft each other called best friends and we both separately 
have a couple called my best friend in spanish and english too apart from being rappers and singers and write our own songs and being actors we are also hip hop and break dancers and boxers and mixed marshal arts is also apart of our career also we are writers anyways apart from having the same career ,
Tony helps me deal with the deployments of our dads , he tells me that papi is ok and is proceted by God always , and he handles his dad's deployment a little better than me but than again he`s my rock , our dads are Navy Seals , yes we don`t know where are dads are when they aren`t home , sometimes papi Jay doesn`t get deployed at the same time as dad so I stay closer to him than normal "cause" we never know when he is gonna get called into an emergncy mission that he has to go and does not have a choice to say no , other times they can but the deployments are mandatory , holy goodiness , I give papi and papi Jay extra hugs cause me and T don`t know when they are going to get called for an emergncy mission , being a military teen is hard especially since me and T are only 16 yrs old , I cry a couple of times when papi isnt home , I just try to get my tours scheduled the same time dad is set to be deployed which is always and also papi got to come on tour with me a few times and got to be behind the scenes of my music viedos and movies and he has suprised me a couple of times ayer papi has seen some of the crazest scenes like the time I was making a movie and one of the scenes was near the ocean and I had to get on a yacht , I had to get into the water but I was going to go in slowly but just decided to throw myself from the boat I know how to swim in the ocean by the way both Tony and dad were shocked and also our manager Pray who was playing my movie dad juat looked at me like I was outta my mind I like have fun plus jumping into the water has saved me . I also do some work with the fire fighters mainly I clean up the fire station and do paper work and little errands for them , I get to go to New York too to help The FDNY AND NYPD too , I do more stuff with the cops , I am in a program and its also educational too , I get to work a lot with different officers whom are my friends too I get to work with officer Randy he is fuuny .
I get mean letters handed to me from mean people when I go out of Detroit I have came back home and completely broke down crying cause I don`t know how to handle certain situations I don`t pay attention to the words it is just the stress gets spilled over for me , T always helps me calm down and helps me we go to officer Randy or MR. Mitchell or any of our adult friends , also Aaron whom is only 17 yrs old but he knows how to help but of course if dad or papi Jay is home we go to them, there were times that papi Jay was home and it was just me and him I just would show hime the letters and he is just like dad he notices when something is bothering me , T is the same way they can easily read my mood , I had gotten threats and got hurt by mean people , I am proected by the military and poilce as well as T too , buttom line is that me and my best friend went trhough a lot currently I broke up with my only girlfriend I have ever had , due to her not wanting to change and she started showing her true clolors T and papi and papi Jay and our friends didn`t approved of her , T a couple of times had to calm me down because I got so worked up over stuff she did and she broke a lot of promises and faked changed and what not she was making my stress levels worse now on top of dealing with a break up currently dealing with bullies meaning her friends , she is in prision , I am trying not to go crazy , I cry a lot now I miss her but I had to make the decision , I am an exsample for kids especially little boys and I never had done anything bad or broke the law and I would like to stay that way , now I am not perfect I had a couple of times I didn`t do my chores I got a letcher from both papi and papi Jay , the other times were cause I was sick and down .
I love my best friend and I do any thing for him , just like he helps me I help him , I love my family ,apart from my dad , T is one of my role model and one of the people I look up to incluuding papi Jay . Mess with my brother I will go off on you and also jus about anyone I love I will stand up for them.
T had to hold me before I would go off on a person , who put ahand on me he let me hit them just to get them off of me but he tells me they aren`t worth my time , there were times I did fight , but other than that I am innocent and always have to get things explained to me . I gave Tony a hug when I saw him, don`t worry pa ,keep your head held up high , and don`t keep everything inside yell and scream when you want to , and I will be here for you all the time bro , I know it hurts alot , everything will be ok and good love you papi , he said to me as he gave me a hug , yes I know bro , love you too toast , I said to him .

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Nathan's dairy

Ok uncley I am going to clean up the sessions and change the bandages , and get you ready for the day Baby Tony said to me , ok nephew I said to him . I just held on to my teddy bear , ok you are ready Baby Tony said with happiness in his voice and Baby Marshall brought in the wheel chair , Baby Tony put me in the wheelchair and covered my lap with a blanket , put the tray that belongs to the wheelchair in its place I just watched as my nephews and sons tidy up mines and Candy's room .  Here I will lift up Jordan up so you can pet him :) Tony said thank you best friend  I said to him than he lifted up his dog Tony than Jordan's dog Nathan ,  I am more happy now that I got to pet the dogs . 


Here you go baby boy , daddy said to me as he handed me my teddy bear that I accidentally dropped on the floor thank you pops I said to him , no problem as anything for my boy he said as he put back on his seat belt . 

Dad got out , and he  opened up the wheelchair and he than unbuckled me , and sat me down carefully and strapped me in and covered me up with the blanket I had on me and he smiled at me as he locked in the tray . We are here at the historical museum of Detroit , dad locked the breaks on the chair , of course Baby Tony stood by my side like a guard you know you can use the bathroom I am not going anywhere, I said to him 

are you going be ok ? Here by yourself, uncley , Baby Tony asked me with worry in his voice, of course I am I replied to him .  I just wrote down the stuff I want to do after my recovery . 

Baby Tony stood at the same spot where he was before , are you ok uncley ? Baby Tony asked me with worry and cornce in his voice , yes I am , I said to him .
  You are always by my side as if you were a bodyguard I said to Baby Tony as I laugh a little well you are after all my daddy's best friend I do the same with uncle Jordan he said . 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Nathan's dairy

There are many reasons I love my dad he's always there for me no matter what we both went through a lot together also he wiped my tears countless of times my dad is the best and he's my hero . I am grateful and proud to be his son because of my dad I am the man and father that I am and I act like him in a way ๐Ÿ˜‚it doesn't matter the time weather I am on tour or he's on tour we call each other and write to each other . I Thank God for my dad . Gosh I love that man ❤️

Little Nate Shorty .

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nathan's Diary sick !

I been having some horrible stomach pains and I keep on vomiting on and off I have been taking it easy .
 Ugh now I have to go to the emergency room because I am now vomiting blood and lots of it and that's not a good sign and I am familiar with this because at the age of 15 I had to have an emergency operation because I had an infection .

I opened my eyes to find Rabbit looking at me I just stared at him for a little bit I tried talking but my voice came out quite I just asked him to hold my hands , I love my sons dad you will get through this just rest baby , Rabbit said to me , and kissed the top of my head .
I feel kinda horrible but I know I am going to be better I have God and my family and friends  to help me through  recovery
I am getting a lot of IMS and get well wishes plus I also have visitors too I can't really talk right now but I smile to tell them know that I appreciate it that they are here my fans are sending a lot of care packages . 

Ok so I am going to be eating baby food, and mashed potatoes and apple sauce, and some more soft foods till I recovery fine with me cause that's what I eat when I have vomiting episodes cause I get stick easy. Aww uncley you are going to be ok , we will take care of you both of my hand some nephews said yeah daddy we will also take care of you , as well as grandpa , and the fam and friends but we will of the most part clean and change you , yes we will do it all but also let the others help with changing the sheets and doing laundry, we love you both of baby Marshall and Rabbit said to me yeah uncley we love you too baby Tony and baby Jordan said , I love you too my boys I said as loud as my voice could let me say . Oh one thing we will also be taking turns reading to you Baby Marshall said . 

Little Nate Shorty 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Nathan's Diary vacation !

  We are leaving the states to go to  Tokyo After being in the plane for 16 hours we finally got to Toyko and its already noon here plus we are all hungry so we went straight to the house we have here to get cleaned up and changed so we can go eat something for lunch and explore the Toyko area . I love coming to Japan because some of my family background comes from here especially in Toyko . 
My sons are so happy to be back in Toyko plus they are happy because I came home yesterday I love my  God and career and my family and friends ,fans .  
We went shopping after that had dinner . Well I had a very long and fun day what a great way to start vacation I said my goodnight prayers with my family and headed to bed . 

Little Nate Shotti