Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nathan and his best friend Andy.

Nathan and Andy were in Nathan`s room, Andy was lying on Nathan`s bed. He was playing with his teddy bear Bunny. Nathan is rising, Andy because his family died. He went to Andy and gave him a hug and said I love you Andy! He just looked at him and gave him a smile. Suddenly the fire Alarm went off, he went to the hall, and there was lots of smoke. He had left the door open, Nathan ran out of the room, he was looking for Andy, he had went downstairs and Nathan went downstairs too . When he got there, he saw a huge fire, he was looking for Andy, he found him, he took his shirt off and used it to cover Andy`s face. He put Andy in the bath room and wet some towels to cover the door crack. Andy hurt his leg and Nathan called 911. The fire fighters came, one of the fire men saw Andy`s leg was hurt so he went to him, he wrapped his leg and they put out the fire. At the end Every thing was ok.

Cheese Pizza Monster

Nate was eating cheese pizza. He heard something and it was the pizza turning into a big monster.  Nate looked down and he started to scream. The pizza ran after Nate. Nate started to run and the pizza ran faster. Nate looked at the pizza and the pizza started screaming at Nate.  Nate asked the Pizza “Why are you screaming at me?” and the pizza said “Because I want to be your friend”.  Nate said “Okay”. Then Nate and the pizza became friends.

Romeo Is Happy

One day Romeo was in his room standing next to his bed.  Romeo was very happy.  His dad and mom called Romeo and said “Romeo come down” and Romeo came down. His dad and mom gave him a very big hug. Romeo said “I love you dad and mom” and sat next to his dad and mom to play a game.  Romeo and his dad and mom laughed and laughed.  They had fun. His dad and mom said “Time to go to bed”.   His dad and mom gave him a goodnight kiss.  His dad and mom gave him some milk and cookies and said “Goodnight Romeo”.   Romeo said “Goodnight dad and mom” and his dad and mom said “We love you Romeo”.  

Vampire Hamburger

Jay Jay was about to take a bite out of his hamburger and the hamburger turned into a vampire. Jay Jay was scared.  Jay Jay looked at the vampire hamburger and Jay Jay ran under the table.  The vampire hamburger went under the table to try to eat Jay Jay and the vampire hamburger swallowed Jay Jay.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Angel has a Big Brother

One day Angel went to his big brother and started to cry.  His big brother asked him “Why are you crying?”  He said “I’m sad”.   His big brother asked “Why are you sad?” He said be cause I want my teddy bear.  His big brother said “Okay I will get you your teddy bear”.  Angel said “Okay”, so his big brother went to get his teddy bear for him.  Angel   was happy so he and his big brother played and played. Then his brother read him a book.  Then his big brother put him on his bed.  Then his big brother said “I’m coming back, I’m going to buy some food”.  Then his big brother came back and asked him “Do you want to eat?”  Then his big brother said “Do you want to watch TV with me?”  Then his big brother asked him “Do you want to go to bed?”  Angel said “Yes”.  Then his big brother put him to bed.


One day Andy and His dad were in a room reading a book. Andy fell off of his dad’s bed and hurt his belly. Andy started to cry and his dad gave him some medicine for his belly. Andy fell asleep on his dad and his dad read him another book

Monday, May 16, 2011

Romeo Saves His Best Friend Junior`s life

Romeo and Junior were in the pool swimming and playing around . Junior hit his head and then he started drowning. Romeo grabbed Junior by his waist and pulled him out of the water. He gave him CPR then got his sweater and put the sweater on Junior to keep him warm . Water came out of Junior`s mouth and Romeo was happy that Junior was OK . Romeo gave Junior a hug.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jordan Helps His Best Friend Nathan

Jordan and Nathan were in New York skateboarding . Nathan fell off his skateboard and broke his leg. Jordan called 911 and stayed with Nathan until the ambulance got there . The ambulance came and got Nathan and took him to the hospital. Doctor Romeo treated Nathan and called  his dad and mom. Jordan stayed by his side until his dad and mom came . Doctor Romeo put Nathan`s leg in a cast. The next day  Jordan helped Nathan in school with his book-bag. His teachers signed his cast and, at  lunch time, Jordan  carried  Nathan`s lunch .