Sunday, July 31, 2011

my super hot girlfriend comes over with her mom and dad to eat dinner

I was in my mom and dad`s room I was looking for one of my dad`s tshirt and some shorts and one of his hat and I put them on. And I started pasting around because I wanna look cute for my girl and then I heard footsteps it was my dad and Addison and Romeo . They all said Nathan are you ok ? I said a yeah and I asked them do I look good and they said yeah you did I said ok . We heard the doorbell I jumped on my dad and said she is here Alex and he yeah I know and don`t worry I used get that way when your mama come over to see me and my dad used you said don`t worry with a hot pretty gal like your mama is worth waitng for when he said that I felt better and worry free because Bonnie`s my gal and I mean Mr. Randy and Mrs.Amy are very good friends with my family . I said ey Mr. Randy and Mrs. Amy and hey babe and I gave my gal a kiss and we sat at the dinner table and ate and we laught and had a goodtime . Yeah me and Bonnie make out .

The flirting

I allways had a huge crush on Bonnie and so everytime I see her I would start flirting around with her . She a super hot she would wear a short skirt and heels and a cute tshirt and I said to her I have a huge cruch on you and you are hot make that super hot and Bonnie with her cute smile said awe you are a hottie and I had a huge cruch on you too . And from there on we started dating.

The horroring dream

I was sleeping in my warm king sized bed with my teddybear Love . I was dreaming of candy and gummybears and I everknew that sweet dream would turn in to a horroring dream . The gummybear started screaming at me and then he pushed me off a roof . I woke up screaming and Addison and Romeo came and Nathan are you ok ? I looked at them and said I had a horroring dream . They awe it gonna be ok and I said yeah if you guys stay with me because the gummybear pushed me off the roof . Addison and Romeo said yeah sure we stay with you and they did . And that made me feel safe from the horroring gummybear.

The crazy candy party

I was at a crazy candy party and I had aten a hand full of candy and I was drinking sun drop soda . Ashley asked me do you want another hand full of candy and I said yeah ! Aaron looked at me and said you are gonna be so hyper and I said so what it is candy I can`t turn down candy so does and he just looked at me and gave a smile. Ashely came back and gave another handfull of candy and Aaron said would you like to have another sundrop sona and I said yeah! He gave another soda and Aaron said Nathan time to go home . Aaron and me started walking home when we got to the mansion . I had a huge sugar rush and was jumping every where and then I felt sleeply so I lied my head down and fell as sleep . I woke up and Fabby gave apple juice and Addison and Romeo and Becky (mom) and Alex (dad) said well we see that you had funn and I said yeah I did !

the wedding

Miss marry initved my family to her wedding and I was her ring boy. We got to the church and the wedding was about to start and the groom mr Ronny gave me the rings and he said good luck Nathan and I said thanks! So the wedding started and I was walking and The bride was behind me with her beautifull white wedding dress . I was scared and happy at the same time . The best man Daniel asked me to give the rings to the bride and groom so I did that . Miss Marry said to Mr.Ronney I do and MR.Ronney said to her I do too . And Pastor Andy said you may kiss the bride . We throw rice at them and Mrs. Marry and Mr.Ronney gave me a hug and said you did a good job as the ring boy Nathan and I said thanks and they said your welcome.

Aaron comes over to spend the night

THE doorbell rang it was Aaron I said OMG I m so glad that you are spending the night . Aaron said yeah me too ! He gave me a hug and he said to mom and dad and Addison and Romeo and Fabby hey guys and they all said hi Aaron . Me and Aaron went to my room and Aaron o Nathan I got your letter and don`t is gonna happend to Romeo it is just a feeling because you care about Romeo ! I said thanks Aaron for saying that now I feel better and Aaron said your welcome bro. We listened to dead and gone by IT. We played wii boxing . Fabby brought us candy and popcorn and ginger ale and cookies and gummybears . me and Aaron ate and mom came with her hellokitty pjs and said time to go to sleep boys and we said ok and one more thing don`t forget to brush your tooth and we said ok ! She ok boys goodnight and sweetdreams we brushed our tooth and said goodnight to eachother .

The pouring rain

Me and Romeo and Addison were watching law and order svu and it was pouring outside and it was lighting like crasy and thundering too . when Fabby the butler said dinner is done . We all went in the dinning were mom and dad were mom was wearing a pretty short dress with diamond earings and heels with gold on them and dad was wearing black basket ball shorts and a diamond chain and white tshirt and hightops . me and Romeo and Addison and Fabby sat down and we said our prayers and eat our food . Out of no where a huge thunder came and scared the heck out of us that I started crying Addison gave me a hug and said don`t cry it is ok . That made me happy.

The creepy mansion

Me and Romeo saw the creepy but cool looking mansion . I asked him can we go in ? He said yeah ! so we went in and inside the mansion there was an old fashion couch and a lamp and it was very creepy inside too . I said Romeo I m very scared and he said I know but on the brightside me and addison used come here all the time and I got scared all the time but when I hold Addison`s hand and it make me feel less scared . I said cool ! Well then can I hold your hand ? Romeo said yeah so I did hold his hand and it made me a little less scared. We heard a nosie and I screamed ! Romeo said awe don`t scearm I m right here and I looked at him and ok well lets go check . Romeo said ok so we did and when we got to the nosie we saw a black cat me and Romeo ran out of there as fast as we could . I said Romeo did you and Addison ever seen that cat ? Romeo said noo

me and my big brother Romeo

Romeo said to me do you want to go for a walk ? I said yeah ! me and Romeo went for a long walk Romeo asked are you ok Nathan ? I said yeah i m happy why are you asking he said because it is my job to ask my little bro how is he doing and i said o . I asked Romeo are you ? Happy he said of cause ! whith a big smile on his face I asked um Romeo can we go to Aaron`s manison ? Romeo said yeah ! because he is your best friend ! I said yeah but I just gotta drop something in his mailbox and he said ok ! so we went I put the letter in the mail box in the letter I said Dear: Aaron you said i can tell anything that is going on . Well things aren`t going to well I feel that something is going to happend can you help me please ps it is about Romeo from Nathan. I looked up at Romeo and said I love you and he said I love you too ! We started to walk again . I asked Romeo why is that Addison our oldest brother is allways asking me and you how are we doing ? Romeo said well see because is the oldest and he just like Becky mom and Alex dad and Fabby the butler they all want to know how we are doing that is why they all ask . I said ok ! It is very good that they aske us and Romeo said yeah it is