Sunday, August 7, 2011


Me and Aaron were running around when I triped over a stack of books . Aaron looked back and he came and said Nathan are you ok ? I look at him and no and called 911. He stayed by myside until the emt comes. So the emt came and took me to the hospital and Doctor Britany came in and she put an Iv in my arm and said I will be right back I have to call your mom and she left the room . I looked the Aaron and he said it is going to be ok and Doctor Britany said ok are mom and dad is on the way and said looked at Aaron and said looks like we are gonna have another patient and Aaron said what do you mean I m ok and she looked at him and no you are not . So she got another bed for Aaron and put an Iv in his arm too . Doctor Britany said your mom and are on the way too Aaron . Our moms and dads came said what happend and Doctor Britany said me and Doctor Brandy are gonna take them up for xrays and Doctor Brandy came on and said ok the xray rooms are ready and I looked at my dad and Aaron at his dad . And they took us to xray room and they said to us ok put your sweaters and rings and diamond chain in the basket there so we did an they took us in and there was a bright bule light . Doctor Britany and Doctor Brandy took us back to our rooms and gave our stuff to our moms and dads and they asked are they ok ? The doctors said to them well Nathan broke his left hand and Aaron dont know that he had broken his fingers and they all asked are the be able to go home with us ? The doctors said we like to keep them overnight . We said goodbye to our moms and dads and stayed overnight.