Friday, February 22, 2013

Nathan`s Diary

Uncle Ronney : ahh you know ?! I love hanging out with you it`s so awsome !
Me : it`s awsome being around u Uncle Ronney : My lil munchkin I love u so much ! me: yeah I love u too ! But I m hungry ! Uncle Ronney : what do u wanna eat ? Me : chips and choclate chip cookies please ! Uncle Ronney : here u go Me : thank you general Ronney Uncle Ronney : yo welcome and u don`t gotta call me general me: But u are in the Navy Seals and I think you are 25 years old ? Uncle Ronney : I know but u don`t gotta be formal with me you are my nephew just call me Ronney or uncle and dad , yeah I`m 25 me: ok Ronney ! By the way u r crazy Uncle Ronney : haha lol I know Me : can I go to Las vegas beach ? Uncle Ronney : ok but why there ? Me : it was a joke !
Uncle Ronney : ah okay !
Me: what color are your eyes Ronney ? Uncle Ronney : well hazel and baby blue ! Me : Like mines Uncle Ronney ; yeah and u can pass as my son ! Me : that`s so cool dad! Uncle Ronney : yeah son Me; In love u Uncle Ronney : ; ) I love u too ! Me: :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Life is rough sometimes but keep on going and hold your head up head . oh life why are u so harsh most of the time  keep the people who support u n keep the ones who don't outta of your life .

Friday, February 15, 2013

Nathan`s Diary

I m so happy I m going to Russia and then to the Dominican R.E.P and Puerto Rico and ireland to visit to learn about where my family came from . And study the arts and I m going to school in these places where I m going and it awesome and my whole family is coming with me <3 and my two baushkas and two grandpas are gonna teach me how to properly dance the Russian dance . I love my background and I m gona learn more about my background and where each of my family member from the 1445 to now how awesome I m so happy.
Lil Nate shotti

Monday, February 11, 2013

Nathan's Diary

Ok so I have to still use a wheelchair after the stitches comes out, because the inside of me is still healing .  Well we arrived at Doctor Zack's office ,and I was taken to the back once we got to the 8th floor of the building . 

Ok everything is looking good , and it's time to get the stitches out , both Dr. Zack and Nurse Raffy said , as you already knew from the last visit that you will have to still use the wheelchair and you can walk but remember to hold on to someone when you do if you feel you can't walk on your own , Dr. Zack said as he put on gloves and waited for Nurse Raffy pre paired the tools . 

It's going to sting a little as I clean around the area , Nusre Raffy said , ok after he cleaned it and place a gaze.  Ok uncley let me help , Baby Tony said to me as he gave me his hands to hold onto , I got up and thanked him.  My sons and other two nephews are out of state at the moment so it's me and Baby T whom is watching me like a hawk aye this kid I love very much so we are both looking out for each other , I walked slowly, of course my nephew, walked beside me , I put my arms around him , which got him excited, I know his cousins will be happy top especially Rabbit and Baby Marshall , I suddenly got a flashback, about the boys , when they were infants , Baby Tony grabbed a small jar of chocolate icing and spread some on Baby Jordan and Rabbit and Baby Marshall ­čśéthan he grabbed a chocolate pudding and ate that in one second. 

Aye my nephew love you so much, I said to him.  Love you very much too uncle shorty , Baby Tony said to me . 

I love spending time with you, unlcey , Baby Tony said to me , yeah I love spending time with you too , Baby I said to him . I gave him , a hug please be careful, remember you still can't do certain things yet , although the hug was light , Baby Tony said to me 

I know , you are always concerned and worried , T I said to him , well I do that plus you are my uncle , he said , ok I have two weeks to get completely healed , so be prepared, cause I will get you , I said to him , uh ok well I love it when you chase me , he said to me . 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Nathan`s Diary

like toy soldiers 

step by step heart to heart 

we all fall down 

bit by bit they tore us apart 

we never win but

the battle wages 4 toy soldiers

I m supposed 2 the soldier who never blows his composure

even though I hold the weight of the whole world on my shoulders

I ain`t supposed 2 show it 2 my crew I m supposed 2 set an example

Lil Nate Shotti

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nathan`s Diary

My big brothers Addison and Jordan are always there for me . They bring the best outta of me . we have a strong bond that is thicker then meat . My big brothers they me advice about any thing life throws at me . They hug me when I m scared and stay by my side all the time . And they answer all my questions I ask them . They are always willing to offer a helping for people . They show me how smart and handsome I m . My big brothers one is 25 and the other 27 . I thank my mama and daddy rising such great men I wanna be like my big brothers when I grow up . They will always be there for me til the end my brothers are my best homies . They are funny and loving and caring . They hasve my back and I have theirs I might only be 14 years old but I understand when something is up with them . When I feel like fighting with my homies and ganstas and best friends they stop me before I start to fight and they tell me I should not fight them but to love them as my own blood . I m glad God made them my brothers ! They know when I sometimes get upset but they make happy . They chase away the bad dreams and bring the happy ones I love my big brothers to death . Lil Nate Shotti

Monday, February 4, 2013

Nathan`s Diary

A person I have always looked up too
He is one of my best homies
He can make conversation with anyone
He has stories about everything
He has taught me more than i can even remember
I hope someday i can be half the man he is
I can talk to him about anything
My uncle is like a second father to me my uncle reminds me of my daddy he is my role model
he is honest and outgoing he is sweet as pie he is just barely 25 years old but is so wise the stories he tells are just so wonderful he is so much fun to be around he is funny I can talk to him about anything just like I can with my dad he keeps me safe he is so smart I love you my sweet dear uncle I m proud to be your nephew and I m glad you are my uncle .
Lil Nate Shotti

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nathan`s Diary ( text message)

Nate : Hey
T.I : wad up Shotti
Nate: How are you doing ?
T.I : good how about you ?
Nate: I m good
T.I : that is good what you up to ?
Nate: nothing just relaxing listing to rap .
T.I : awsome who you lising to ?
Nate: all she wrote
T.I: lol u are listing to me while texting me!
Nate : yeah lol that is funny .
T.I : yup so are you happy ?
Nate yeah so happy
T.I: that is awsome !
Nate: thanks for helping me :) yo !
T.I : yo welcome if u need to talk some more I m here 4 you homie !
Nate: yeah I know

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nathan`s Diary

Smile for no reason . Live life to the fullest go to places that you that u wanna go .Love your life . Hang out withe the homies cause you never know when you will lose them . Life is precious love is just a word you bring definition . Hold on to the moment . Make your dreams come true . Just be you , love yourself . Don`t beat yourself up just because you made a mistake cause that mistake yo will turn in to something great . Don`t harm yourself talk to someone . Hold your head up high . I know I changed the way I handle my feelings I just wrote to my favorite rapper that help , I m happy and also I talked to my gangstas and homies that helped me alot . I m so grateful to have my boys . Life is worthy don`t harm don`t hind your feelings talk to someone. Like I did !
walk with yo head held up high .

Lil Nate Shotti

Friday, February 1, 2013

Nathan`s Dairy

I m so happy . I smile for no reason . I just go and talk to someone . I live a healthy harmless free life . 
I just lay down and close my eyes when bad feelings comes and think happy thoughts . M y gangstas and homies see the change in me they don`t see the sad boy they used to see . And they now see a very happy boy . I m so happy I just shake the bad thoughts and go on with life because life is worth to live . Thanks to T.I`s help I love my life . I don`t cry no more . 

Lil Nate Shotti