Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nathan's Diary

Yeah right ! Ay I don't even know where to start . Yo I kinda down . Well basically I "m going though some changes . I lock myself in my room from time to time my family and homies and best friends are worried about . I thought you know keep it a secret just hind behind a fake smile but I can't going back to my old ways there's no way I can't put a knife through my skin so I just write in a notebook ! Yeah I cry cause that's what I do it helps when I write raps are what I write yo ! And I just told homey g what I was feeling he is one of my homies anyways talking to him made me feel better ! He's great role model in fact he's one of my role models ! Feeling great after the talk and a couple of hours of crying ! He told lil homey sometimes da best way to ease da pain is to cry ! Yo that made me feel better ! Lil Nate Shotti