Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nathan"s Diary

Me: dad

Dad: yeah baby boy ?!

Me: you are awesome

Dad: thanks so  are you son !

Dad is just staring at me and smiling too ! :)

Me: I m so grateful to have u as my daddy ! And I love u so very much dad !

Dad gets up and comes to me to hug me !

Dad: I love u too !And grateful to be your dad ! And u are awesome and smart !

Me: thanks dad !

Dad is still hugging me !

Dad: your welcome ! 

I am an a daddy 's little boy , anyway I moved closer to dad , I rested my head on his chest , I love hearing his heart beat it calms me, makes me sleepy I yawned  . An idea pops up in my head , I looked up at dad , smiled at him.

Me: dad do you want apple juice ?!

Dad yes please 

I went to the kitchen, after pouring some juice into a cup , I poured hot sauce , salt into it yes I do pranks on dad . 

Me: here you daddy

Dad raised his eyebrows , gave me a smile wow I has his smile 💛.

Dad: thanks baby boy 

I stood up as I saw dad notcing what I put in his juice .

Dad: Nathan stay there 

I stared at him for a second , l ran out of the room , I started laughing , screaming I finally made it to my room.

I completely lost it , started laughing harder . I heard dad's foot steps getting closer , plus since my room is super huge I can hide anywhere 

I cralwed into the air vent.

Dad: you will always make me laugh baby boy .

Ok so maybe he did fine me but here I love being chased by him .

Me: I love you so much dad but I am ready to get out of this vent , take a nap

Dad smiles , nodded 

Dad : I love you too son .

Me , dad got out , went to my bed , laid on it , I settled my head down on dad's chest .