Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nathan`s Diary

I`m on vacation ,I just gotten back a couple of weeks ago from touring . I`m sick thank God I`got out of the hospital , so mama , pops said I can sleep in their room till I`m feeling better , so I took their offer ,I laid myself on pop`s side of the bed , I covered myself up with the blankets , yup I`m gonna take a nap , I buried

my head in my pop`s pillow which smells like him I yawned , closed my eyes! 

I woke up , only to find mama ,pops looking at me , pops of course sat me on his lap , mama fed me since I feel weak , I took small bits till there was not anything left in the plate I once more  yawned , I laid my head on pop`s chest well yeah I`m daddy , mommy`s baby boy , I jumped off of pop`s lap and ran to the bathroom , felt my stomach , I can`t hardly keep not thing in my stomach the only things I can handle eating is baby food , apple juice , sometimes pizza down , I brushed my teeth , went back to the room !