Friday, September 4, 2015

Nathan's dairy

There are many reasons I love my dad he's always there for me no matter what we both went through a lot together also he wiped my tears countless of times my dad is the best and he's my hero . I am grateful and proud to be his son because of my dad I am the man and father that I am and I act like him in a way πŸ˜‚it doesn't matter the time weather I am on tour or he's on tour we call each other and write to each other . I Thank God for my dad . Gosh I love that man ❤️

Little Nate Shorty .

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nathan's Diary sick !

I been having some horrible stomach pains and I keep on vomiting on and off I have been taking it easy .
 Ugh now I have to go to the emergency room because I am now vomiting blood and lots of it and that's not a good sign and I am familiar with this because at the age of 15 I had to have an emergency operation because I had an infection .

I opened my eyes to find Rabbit looking at me I just stared at him for a little bit I tried talking but my voice came out quite I just asked him to hold my hands , I love my sons dad you will get through this just rest baby , Rabbit said to me , and kissed the top of my head .
I feel kinda horrible but I know I am going to be better I have God and my family and friends  to help me through  recovery
I am getting a lot of IMS and get well wishes plus I also have visitors too I can't really talk right now but I smile to tell them know that I appreciate it that they are here my fans are sending a lot of care packages . 

Ok so I am going to be eating baby food, and mashed potatoes and apple sauce, and some more soft foods till I recovery fine with me cause that's what I eat when I have vomiting episodes cause I get stick easy. Aww uncley you are going to be ok , we will take care of you both of my hand some nephews said yeah daddy we will also take care of you , as well as grandpa , and the fam and friends but we will of the most part clean and change you , yes we will do it all but also let the others help with changing the sheets and doing laundry, we love you both of baby Marshall and Rabbit said to me yeah uncley we love you too baby Tony and baby Jordan said , I love you too my boys I said as loud as my voice could let me say . Oh one thing we will also be taking turns reading to you Baby Marshall said . 

Little Nate Shorty 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Nathan's Diary vacation !

  We are leaving the states to go to  Tokyo After being in the plane for 16 hours we finally got to Toyko and its already noon here plus we are all hungry so we went straight to the house we have here to get cleaned up and changed so we can go eat something for lunch and explore the Toyko area . I love coming to Japan because some of my family background comes from here especially in Toyko . 
My sons are so happy to be back in Toyko plus they are happy because I came home yesterday I love my  God and career and my family and friends ,fans .  
We went shopping after that had dinner . Well I had a very long and fun day what a great way to start vacation I said my goodnight prayers with my family and headed to bed . 

Little Nate Shotti 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Nathan's diary

Goodnight Russia  , I said to my fans after signing autographs and taking pictures with them . 

I got inside of the limousine, now I'm on the way to the airport. I can't wait to go home and relax . 

After over 12 hours on the plane finally we landed , and I slept the whole plane ride and I am energized plus it's morning time over here in the U.S. so I am going to start planning where we are going on vacation . Yay I am with my sons already . I missed you guys so much I said to them after our little group hug I went to take a shower so I can go out to eat with my family . πŸ’™

Little Nate Short !

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nathan's Dairy

I'm father , being a dad is so much fun , at times it's hard but hey I get my daddy who is the reason why I am the man that I am today , I love him , he's a great father , he always took his time to always ask me if I was ok or I needed to talk , every important men in my life made sure that I was ok , I also have my two best friends. I have young father or new fathers whom are my fans and friends come to me asking me for advice and help , I feel good about that .

I love my sons , God have given me the biggest blessings in life that is me being a father ! 

Little Nate Shorty !


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nathan's diary

I just finished my last show of my tour , here in New York , Candy called me before the show , yeah she is heading to the jungle of South Africa , so basically that was our last content, man wish you could use a phone in the jungle I understand tho because she is working , I don't worry much because a she is with Sandy , mama , b she is very faithful to me as I am faithful to her . 

Well I am not alone T , J are with me , along side with our dads , the kids . 

After signing autographs, taking pictures with my fans , I turned around, said I love you so much my sweet New Yorkers , New York . 

I had small interview now I also have interviews before a show , after a show , well interviews are apart of the career . 

I said a small prayer with my crew , I said good night to everyone, Shorty I thought you said that you were hungry dad is me , oh yeah I did said that , causing everyone to laugh a little . 

After eating , brushing my teeth , saying good night to everyone I headed to the back of the bus , settled down in bed , closing the red, black bed curtain , I moved towards the wall because I love sleeping next to the wall , just as I got comfortable , I felt the currtians opening , and my sons , nephews appeared, yes I am letting sleep with me after they got comfortable, I started drifting off to sleep , I was able to fall asleep after asking Baby Marshall if he can get dad , after thanking him I finally fallen asleep , knowing that I has all of the persons I want here !

Little Nate Shotti !