Saturday, January 23, 2016

Nathan's Dairy spending time with my family , start of recovery

I I am already home from the hospital , and  I am happy to be home for the rest of my long recovery , although I am gonna be laying down for the most part but I can be proper up a little with a body pillow , as far as doing my normal routines I can't do them yet  , and I have to be carry to the room where I want to go .  
 I'm kinda of bored being at the house for most of the day, I can go out with my family but I have to use a wheelchair, dad  got me ready for the day . 

I just stared out of the window of the car , and stared at the city , and lost in thoughts , and of course I started to get sleepy so I yawned and closed my eyes . 
I patincely waited as Uncle Rony opened the wheel chair , and got it set up for me . I am happy that my doctor gave me the ok to go to outings such as a stroll I. The park and an one or two hours of shopping , and to eat out just l can do while in the wheel chair right now we are going inside big book store here in Cass Ave Detroit 😊 a bookworm's favorite place to be . Uncle Rony , put the brakes on the wheel chair , and left to get a small stack of books so I can pick out , and Baby Tony stood next to me like a guard till Jordan told him to go and get a stack of books for himself to go through and pick out the ones he wants , I laughed a little aye Nate , I don't think Tony won't leave the habit of being next to you , or me Jordan said , well he's like a son to us , plus he's just like my sons with you and T I said to him , yes and I love that , plus Jordan's sons are the same way T said to me as he placed some books in front of me , I set aside the books I want to get , and mangas too.  
Ok we are currently at 5 guys we are ordering lots of fries , don't worry , doctor  Fruitey gave me the ok to eat fries but  don't use ketchup, so I am going to dip my fries in banana and apples flavor baby food I had done it before it tastes good . 

We are home , getting ready to watch tons of movie and movies I had star in and my music videos and stuff but the movies we will watch later on in the night .