Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nathan`s Diary

Ugh ! daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you please  come up to my room please ?! I screamed while standing outside the first room you see when you are coming up the stairs . He laughed a little said yes as he was standing up and putting down his notebook and pen on the wooden light brown desk that`s in the room !   Dad put his around my shoulders as we walked towards my room . We got there , I said I can`t find Mr bear , my baby blue baby blanket I had the bear , the blanket since I was 1 week old M gave them to me yeah yeah I `am 14 years old I know but they mean a lot to me because M is my brother ,he , his wife  adopted me so that is why I call me daddy cause we don`t know our dad , mama got in a car crash that left unstable , she can`t take care of me but that was a long time of ago I visit her from time to time . M found my bear , blanket , tucked me in my California king size bed , he also lay down next to me my eyes started closing so I told him daddy , he said yes ? Love you , he said I love you too son ! Before I knew it I was knocked out . 

I `am daddy`s little boy well um the only son he has because he has 3 beautiful girls its a pleasure to be his kid ! 

Lil Nate Shotti