Thursday, February 2, 2017

Nathan's Diary

I watched as Baby Tony ,put the clean sheets on the bed. I started thinking about my mom I am having flash backs about the stuff she put me and dad through and she lied to dad  said that she wanted them to worked it out  and wanted me and her to have a stable mother and son relationship , she didn't mean the stuff she said to me and the stuff she did .  I caught mommy doing stuff you are supposed  to do with your husband or wife with other men a few times I didn't said anything to them I just would go and went the other side of the house with Jordan and buried my head on his fur and waited for uncle Rony since I would call him or one of our friends depending on who was in charge of me  man I miss her so much .

Are you ok ? Baby Tony asked me yes I am ,nephew I said to him , ok just making sure that you are good ,he said to me as he  hugged me , I love you Baby I said to him , love you too Nate , Baby Tony said back .

I left the room and headed downstairs , and opened the front door , beauitful day here in Detroit , I felt something fluffy rubbed aganist my legs , ok its either Jordan or Tony and Nathan or all three dogs so I looked down , yes its all of them.

Baby Tony do you want to go for a walk ? I asked him , sure I do , he said happily as he petted the dogs . 

I talked to mom and than went to bed happy I got to talk with her