Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Nathan's dairy

Ok uncley I am going to clean up the sessions and change the bandages , and get you ready for the day Baby Tony said to me , ok nephew I said to him . I just held on to my teddy bear , ok you are ready Baby Tony said with happiness in his voice and Baby Marshall brought in the wheel chair , Baby Tony put me in the wheelchair and covered my lap with a blanket , put the tray that belongs to the wheelchair in its place I just watched as my nephews and sons tidy up mines and Candy's room .  Here I will lift up Jordan up so you can pet him :) Tony said thank you best friend  I said to him than he lifted up his dog Tony than Jordan's dog Nathan ,  I am more happy now that I got to pet the dogs . 


Here you go baby boy , daddy said to me as he handed me my teddy bear that I accidentally dropped on the floor thank you pops I said to him , no problem as anything for my boy he said as he put back on his seat belt . 

Dad got out , and he  opened up the wheelchair and he than unbuckled me , and sat me down carefully and strapped me in and covered me up with the blanket I had on me and he smiled at me as he locked in the tray . We are here at the historical museum of Detroit , dad locked the breaks on the chair , of course Baby Tony stood by my side like a guard you know you can use the bathroom I am not going anywhere, I said to him 

are you going be ok ? Here by yourself, uncley , Baby Tony asked me with worry in his voice, of course I am I replied to him .  I just wrote down the stuff I want to do after my recovery . 

Baby Tony stood at the same spot where he was before , are you ok uncley ? Baby Tony asked me with worry and cornce in his voice , yes I am , I said to him .
  You are always by my side as if you were a bodyguard I said to Baby Tony as I laugh a little well you are after all my daddy's best friend I do the same with uncle Jordan he said .