Saturday, January 4, 2014

Nathan`s Diary

Am I hyper right now , I get that way when am I sleepy so dad makes sure or who ever am I staying with fit in a nap schedule for me, I`m running around so uncle Em is babysitting . It`s a chasing game I hide under his bed once he was out of the room which he checked his closet than his bathroom so the coast is clear I feed like my foot was on fire ! I ran down the stairs , went to the hallway that`s a foot away from the staircase , its facing it too , I kinda saw Em`s shadow so I headed towards the kitchen , hide in the cupboard , I thought I was safe um nope I ain`t Em open the cupboard , smiled , said you know um ok you gonna take yo" nap shorty as he was reaching his arms so I could get down, I gave up , just let him carry me , I felt my eyes shutting so I closed them , feel asleep like a true homey !
Lil Nate Shotti (Shorty)