Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nathan` Diary

My uncle Frank is picking me up . I made sure I had my stuff packed um yup a pair of boxers and an outfit a baggy black shirt and baggy sweater and fitted and clean black ankle socks and jeans and teeth brush and chocolate axe deodorant oh I am forgetting something um my iphone and I thouch I got them and stuffed them in the pockets of the sweater that I borrowed from dad . I also got my notebook and freestyle notebook and lyrics notebook too which I write in them ! Ok I am ready to go to his house oh my uncle Roni is gonna be there too uh not so bad condescending I can relate to him . I went downstairs cause I heard uncle Frank`s voice I said hi to him dad came from the long hallway Nathan guess where we going uh uncle Frank`s house ?! nope we are going to Pairs oh gosh I yelled outta happiness I hugged them all dad said hey little homey I kinda owned you a vacation since your mom made you watch her hitting me awe dad I hugged and hugged my big sister Sarah and two big brothers Michael and Romeo M and grandpas and dad said you are all packed I smiled at me and put the lash on my dog Jordan and we went to the airport and got on one of our private planes my best friends Jordan and Toni are here too .

We been best friends since day 0 aka since we came into the world ! Toni he is like a brother to me and so is Jordan too.

Pairs the city of  love .

Dad said boys !

We are gonna sing man in the mirror we went to sound check and then got ready whoa I almost fell over Jordan he is apart of the show I went in to the hallway  we backstage bout to go on stage . Me and my boys and our crew went into my dressing room and said a prayer we always pray before a show .

amen we all said . We got called before I went understage made sure my mike pack is on right Mrs. Annie checked it to and I got under the stage she turned it . We got lifted up boy the crowd went crazy I did a high pitch then Toni and then Jordan .

We went to change we each have on fitteds and sunglasses and we are ready to rap one of our rap songs this one is called Best homies from the alum best friends . We crowd surf . We once again went back stage to change I am gonna rap about my mom hitting my dad as to say my raps are mostly about what`s going on in my life and stuff not about money um no cause a real rap is about life and not about money anyways this rap song is called momma ain`t loving dad by the way my dad loves her so much and she went to jail and was on house arrest more then once and the next time she does something she`s getting prison time well the family lawyer Aaron is handling things     her away from dad . This rap song makes me cry I crowd surf again towards the end I bend down on my knees feeling the tears run down my face  rapped the last words ! I showered and changed . This vacation is awesome let me just say I love performing ! We sighed autographs and took pictures . We went back to the USA and I thanked dad and all of them .Dad told mom for them to go another room because he does not want me to hear her yelling and  he does not want me to see her hitting him dad stays quiet . She said ok in a harsh and cold and mean way she does not love me and dad . I secretly stood behind the door with silent tears falling down my eyes dad turned his head around he saw me and I could tell through his eyes that he was saying sorry little homey that you have to witness this and it is he way if telling me to go to another room before she gets a hold of me I started walking away but she told me to stay and to watch she always calls me stupid ghetto boy but I am very smart just like my daddy I don`t let that get to me it only builds me up more I stood there I said dad under my breath dad . Mom yelled in my face very loudly and that scares me and she laughs and smacked me and dad`s face turned bright red then he said in a calm and quiet way he said you can put a hand on me but do not you ever put yo' hands on him he`s our youngest son our baby and she craves yo' love and you don`t give him none I can tell dad holding back his tears cause his eyes are glossy but then he lets them out he wiped the tears off and  calmly walked towards me and  hugged me and gave me a kiss on the top of my head and it is all right um ok ! I said yeah and he told me to go to one of my rooms or the family room so I went to the very huge  basement I looked down at my black ankle socks and feeling the cold on my face from the A.C and I looked at the white title floor I went to my room and walk to my California king size bed and I stayed there a bit but I decided to go back upstairs so I did and went to  dad`s master bed room and walked to his California king size bed and I got down on my knees and prayed to God dad taught me and my sister and two brothers that before bed we gotta pray . I brushed my teeth and used the bathroom and went and climbed on dad`s side of the bed I know it sounds silly but I sleep in dad`s bed cause I feel safe with him next to me and it comforts me dad`s says I am extra special cause God made me that way . I don`t really understand somethings and I have issues with my weight I have to eat a lot of foods to keep me from losing weight I weigh 100 and need to be at 115 . And mom does not love because of that . It does not bother me I love her . I heard dad say his prayers and then climbed in bed and said goodnight baby boy and he hugs me all the time we feel asleep and to be honest I don`t really know what`s up with mom and what not sigh but I got dad and the rest of my family I am facing dad so he is the last I see before shutting my eyes I yawned and fell asleep  I am still holding on to dad !

Monday, September 16, 2013

Nathan's Diary

Dad is a little bit sleepy so he just sat on the couch and he looks like he is about to dose off ! He said  its a good time to take a nap isn't it shorty ? ! I smiled at him and dad was just staring at me !  Next thing I know dad was knocked out I just looked at uncle M I said well since dad is napping let's go to the mall and he said I could use any of his credit cards for anything I wanted ! OK ! Know u ?! Uncle M loves to say u know just like dad does . I went over to the other side of the living room to get dad's wallet and of course his sweater which is next to him I covered him up with the blanket that's on the couch and took his hat and black air Jordans off . I put them on since I can borrow anything from him dad said ! Me and uncle M got to the mall we went to sneakers heaven I looked around and pointed to the sneakers that I wanted to Mr. Shawn so he can get them in my size ! I turned around to face uncle M and only to find dad next to him I said daddy you came ! I hugged him yay dadi ! 
Mr. Shawn  came back with the sneakers I wanted I paid for them with dad's golden card ! I bought a couple of shirts and shorts and jeans !

We ate pizza and Chinese and Japanese food and we also signed a couple of pictures for our fans !

I brushed my teeth and said my prayers . And I went to bed and uncle M and dad are knocked out we all actually said our prayers together !

Uh um they are on my California king sized bed aye we are family !

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nathan's Diary

I had a great day with my family and now I m off to bed . I prayed and brushed my
teeth and climbed into bed my dad came in and tucked me in and said goodnight and shut the lights off . My eyes started closing and then I felt something lick my hand it is Jordan I let him climb in my bed every night so he was telling me that he was there by licking my hand . He jumped on the bed and Jordan is asleep, I am wide awake, so I went to the other side of my room , turned on the desk lamp suddenly new rap lyrics started flooding my mind so I grabbed one of my lyrics notebook , before I knew it it was fillled with new lyrics and I grabbed my older lyrics notebook from way back when I started my career, wow I am successful, man I am proud of myself, I wrote so my rap songs , created movies with that I started feeling sleepy so I shut off the light , headed to bed , fallen asleep.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Nathan's Diary

Shorty they all call me that !

Yo Shorty shorty ?! Where are you at ?

I heard dad and uncle m and homey gs aka grandpas calling me . 
Yo I yelled from the top of my lunges I m in the basement in my room of course I yelled it first in the inter come and again from one of the stairs that leads you upstairs !

I have three rooms one in the third floor and in the attic ! We live in a huge when I say huge I mean very huge we has a elevator ! I know awesome .

Dad is a rapper grandpas are rappers too ! And I m a rapper  and uncle m too and my brothers my mom and grandmas are actresses and aunts too !

I love my big family !

Uncle m and dad and grandpas appear !

Man we have been looking for you every where ! Shorty you are sneaky but you're awesome !

I told dudes you know I love going from one room to another !

True that they all said !

We headed upstairs where the ladies are ! We sat down and said grace !

Ate our food ! Fried chicken and fried chicken salad and fries and mashed potatoes with gravy , chocolate cake with chocolate frost too and chocolate chip cookies !
Um I love this kind of foods !

Doctor Vicky and Doctor Addison they said I need to eat a lot to get me to weigh 130 right now I weigh 100 pound and they say that's not healthy so I always be getting lots of treatments too !

But that does not stop me from living my life ! I also  get sick easily too so dad and mom always stocking up on little fevers and little tummies since I am only 14 years and I can't take some of the grownups medicines yet so mom and dad stock up on baby tylenol . Well I started not feeling well . Mom checked my forehead to see if I have a fever well I do 100 .5 . I had to change my clothes so I showered too ! I put on a pair of baggy red basketball shorts and black ankle socks and a baggy black shirt ! I threw on dad's baggy red sweater cause I am so cold mama gave me all of the baby medicine and I just plopped myself down on the sofa looking like a zombie !

Greatlys my grandpas well mom's grandpa and dad's grandpa covered me up with my blanket that says I am 100% Puerto Rican ! And Puerto Rican pride baby ! Mom came to me to check the fever !

Mom said aye sorry shorty we gotta take you to the hospital 103.5 !

Dad went to get my book bag with the clothes we leave in there for when I am sick and probably need to stay in the hospital !

Uncle M scooped me up and carried me to the car ! Well off to the hospital !

We arrived at the hospital ! All childrens' hospital ! Dad parked and checked me in and doctor Addison said I needed to have emergency kidney surgery ! Nurses Alex and Andy prepared me and put a mask over my face and explaining what their are doing ! Well I woke up ! I have to stay there for 3 to 4 weeks ! My best friends Jordan and Tony  came to see me we talked like we always do and draw and played games . They gave get well soon homey cards ! The weeks past by and I recovered fully !

I went back to my normal self ! I had a sleep over with my best friends ! Let's say we got hyper just laughing at uncle m getting crazy hyper !

My dog Jordan came he's a standard poodle with puffy white hair and big huge brown eyes yeah I named Jordan after Jordan I was little when I got him he was just a puppy ! He jumped on the bed .

I am glad I am fully recovered and being able to have fun !

Lil Nate Shorty