Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nathan's diary

I just finished my last show of my tour , here in New York , Candy called me before the show , yeah she is heading to the jungle of South Africa , so basically that was our last content, man wish you could use a phone in the jungle I understand tho because she is working , I don't worry much because a she is with Sandy , mama , b she is very faithful to me as I am faithful to her . 

Well I am not alone T , J are with me , along side with our dads , the kids . 

After signing autographs, taking pictures with my fans , I turned around, said I love you so much my sweet New Yorkers , New York . 

I had small interview now I also have interviews before a show , after a show , well interviews are apart of the career . 

I said a small prayer with my crew , I said good night to everyone, Shorty I thought you said that you were hungry dad is me , oh yeah I did said that , causing everyone to laugh a little . 

After eating , brushing my teeth , saying good night to everyone I headed to the back of the bus , settled down in bed , closing the red, black bed curtain , I moved towards the wall because I love sleeping next to the wall , just as I got comfortable , I felt the currtians opening , and my sons , nephews appeared, yes I am letting sleep with me after they got comfortable, I started drifting off to sleep , I was able to fall asleep after asking Baby Marshall if he can get dad , after thanking him I finally fallen asleep , knowing that I has all of the persons I want here !

Little Nate Shotti !