Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nathan`s Diary

I put my black fitted on and threw the hood from my baggy black sweater over my head and zipped up the sweater and stuffed my Iphone and welt in the pockets .

Well after my performances ! I went on tour earlier and so am I wrapping it up here in New York !

I am in Madison Squares Garden !

Me and my crew said a little prayer like we always do before every performances.

I am hooked up to my mic pack and homey g turn it on for me and we went under stage , rapped and sang and dance .
We got back to Detroit , headed up to Detroit City where the last performance of Survivor Brain Washed Tour !

As always we prayed ! I used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky was falling . Why am I so differently wired am I a martian? What kind of twisted experiment am I involved in ? Cause I don`t belong in this world!
Then I rapped
Brain Washed !

Why I am so brain washed ?!

I am so brain washed , mama made me brain washed so brain washed I let myself get brain washed by my mom !

I crowd surfed which by the way I love to do to in every concerts I

Then the last two
raps are deep !

this twisted twisted war I am in between myself is too weird and twisted why someone tell me why I am in this twisted war twisted war ! Twisted twisted war !

Yeah am I tough but I cry homies cry we are humans and have feeling I see the tear drops hitting the ground . The world can be harsh and cord but yeah I do cry and I fake smile !
I see all of my fans crying and rapping along !

Yes I shed a few tears real boys cry ! Uncle Em and my crew hugged me

Me and my crew sighed autographs and took some more pictures with our loving fans !

My best friends through out the tour were by my side like always .

Monday, November 18, 2013

Nathan`s Diary

I put the clothes that I fold earlier in my bookbag and I also made sure my notebooks were inside and pens too ! Yup there are in there . I slipped my black and red beats over my head and letting them neatly rest on my shoulders and I stuffed the changer of my headphones and my Iphone .

 I put on the black fitted I borrowed from my brother Em yup dad`s friend and my big brother have the same name awesome I know right! 

 I pulled the hood of the sweater I wearing over my head and I has my sunglasses on ! 

 Alright I looked at myself in the mirror and said to myself this is it I am going on a trip and no one can`t stop me from going .

I left the room and went downstairs and left Em a note with a smiley face

:) saying going out peace out homie yo !

from: shottie

I left it on the light brown desk in his home office and left .

I am not turning back I am going to New York City !

I  went to Aaron`s house to pick up Jordan he`s at Aaron`s house playing with Diamond !

I hooked the lash`s to his collar and headed to the airport !

And I said to Aaron the pilot who flys the many private planes dad and me have !

I left a voicemail to Em .

We landed in New York !

And I got a call back from Em saying to wait for him that`s he`s coming to get me and take me and Jordan back to Detroit !

But why ?! I asked him and he said because I am taking care of you !

I hung up and put my Iphone in my pocket and thanked Aaron for fling me and JOrdan over here .

I did a little bit of shopping and picked up dinner for me and Jordan stake and fries ! Oh and of course water for Jordan I packed his other water bowl it`s blue with diamonds he loves bling bling just like me !

Oh boy Em`s here we stayed In New York for the night I told him I wanted to stay because it`s vacation for me as fro my dad and brothers and uncle are on a cruise !

Em and me sayed for a couple of days and headed back !

I know you miss them you know they will be back you know !
 and you have your best friends Jordan and Tony !

Oh yeah ok !

I hugged him !

I wrote a poem about my dog (Jordan)

Jordan is fluffy and his fur keeps me warm when I lay my head on him

and does many tricks and he looks like a white fluffy pillow when he needs a hair cut !

 He loves it when I put clothes on him when his hair is short !

weeks and weeks passed  by !

 dad and the gang returned !

I brushed my teeth and said my goodnight prayers with dad , said waited for my brother Em and his wife Kim  they were saying they prayers so I went to Michael`s room and he was done praying so I hugged him and said goodnight and ran back to where Kim and Em are staying said goodnight to them ! They are spending the night !

I went back to dad`s room and climbed into bed and said goodnight to him and he said goodnight baby boy !

The last thing I saw before falling asleep was dad !