Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nathan's Diary

Dad is my homey and I know I can tell him anything !

I am grateful to have him as my dad !

Dad says he's never gonna get married or be in a relationship after what he's been through he says it takes two to make a marriage work with trust and loyal and faithful to one another !

He says he tells me so I won't fall for someone like mom and I can learn from him !

He's awesome !

See dad is doing awesome !

I wise I had a loving mama but she's doesn't like the fact that I was born in the hood , plus she does not like me at all but I forgive her , love her no matter what cause we gotta love one another  !

I love her and I feel like it was my fault that dad's marriage crumble and ma hitting him !

Why I was born ?!

Ugh I feel the tears coming down !

why Em do even I have a purpose of being here ?!

Em : every one has a purpose and your mama has been being abusing your dad for many years and their marriage was crumble way before u were made and I am glad you are in my life ! She's doesn't know what a great person you are you know ! Stay true to yourself  , you are beautiful!

I hugged him !

He's one of dad's best friend ,he's like an uncle to me !

Well Em wiped my tears ! Then I washed my face with freezing water after talking to uncle Em about how I feel .

I now feel calm and refreshed see I am staying with him cause dad and my blood uncles and brothers went on a retreating trip on a cruise ship !

I sleep in dad's room but now I am staying with uncle Em I am kinda scared of him . He's awesome and funny
as heck !

Anyways I want to go out but I gotta tell Em and ask him for we are doing anything .

I put my iPhone in the pocket of the white sweater that I borrowed from Em !

Well I am gonna go out and have fun .
Since dad ,my brothers and uncles are gonna be out for months
And Em says that dad is refreshing his mind so he decided to go on a long cruise trip !

Nathan`s Diary

I am just chilling with dad and uncle M and Frank and Roni oh and my great uncles Jay Jay and James and grandparents Bethy and Tod .
We are at Jersey Shore yup dad asked where I wanted to go
so I said Jersey Shore so all he had to do was call our pilot Aaron to start one of our
private planes ready for us to use !
I ran through the sand and into the water laughing and taking pictures with my fans .
Then I went to the bathroom with dad and my uncles and grandpa and grandma went to the women bathroom . I changed and used the bathroom and went to wash my hands .
I went back outside to wait grandma came out first and she waited with me and the rest came out as well . we got a whole lot of tickets got on every ride well dried rides only then the hunted house .
We left and went to the Jersey Garden mall then to the Big Apple boy did I went into every shop and ate Dominican food ! And hot dogs and pretzel then pizza !
I love coming to New York and Jersey !
We got on the subway and took another to see New York !
Dad called the plaza to confirm our rooms dad and our family are good friends with Mr. Donald .
We got back to the heart of New York and checked in and me and dad went to our room and the rest of the gang went off to their before we did that we said goodnight to each other .
I brushed my teeth and took a shower and put my pjs on and said my prayers and so did dad . I said thanks for the fun and he hugged me and we both fell asleep !

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nathan`s Diary

I went downstairs and I came across mom I said hi to her and I am very scared of what she can do next to me ! After she smacked me so I try to stay away from her ,she grabbed and pushed me to the floor and punched my nose I left the room and I text dad saying what she did to me . Mom saw dad and she went over to him and started hitting him dad looked at me and say please go to another room and call 911 ! It`s going to be alright baby boy soon we will be normal . I left and unlocked the front door , went upstairs to get my Royal blue JORDANS and went back downstairs and to the family room who told me that he`s on his way and to hang up and call 911 just like I was told to before I hung I told him to hurry up I have tears in my eyes . I wiped my tears and I sat down on the steps and put on my high tops I once came across mom she pushed me and hit me across my face causing it to sting and she said don`t s you dare to call 911 you little stupid ghetto boy . Then mom left I am torn cause dad told me to call 911 and she told me not to I felt something warm and I saw red oh no I am starting to bleed I quickly reached in the pocket of my sweater for my black bandana and tied it to my face only covering  the bottom of my nose . I covered my eyes with my sunglasses . Went to the front door I left a post it note with the saying I love you homie love shorty . I heard Mrs . Annie and Mr. Aaron coming in and Mrs. Annie is on the phone with 911 and I saw the door opening I can`t run or walk properly from the fall I guess I musta hurt my ankle and knee . I backed up and turned and headed to the back of over mansion man this hose is huge I pulled the hood of my sweater over my black fitted that is covering my short blond hair . I am out of the house and made it out and I am hurting a bit but man I am out I am in Broadway ave I am Dominican/Puerto Rican and Russian and Irish , scottish and born in Warren Detroit MI along aside my two best friends we have been best friends since day zero ! I walked . I stopped cause man homie does my knee and ankle hurts I am Indina and German too ! I took off my sunglasses and yawned and rubbed my tears . I put them by on and headed to Jordan`s house man my boys got my back by time I got there I am feeling the pain I got in pass the Iron gate. I knocked on the door and swallowed hard I have the keys to his house but I knocked and sat down on the steps Shorty ?! I heard two voices saying that I got up seeing Jordan and Tony lets go to Detroit`s Receiving we got there doctor Vinney came in the room to check on me . I am hooked up to an a I .V , my knee , ankle are wrapped up I asked where my dad is um the doctor said room 220 ! He left the room . I got up holding on to the railing , Toni , Jordan yo take it easy . Yo I be back Jordan said I guess he`s getting a wheel chair I asked Toni when I am gonna be released he said I think now or later Jordan came back with a wheel chair and Nurse Zack and Doctor Vinney ok Nathan you are being released a little bit later we are getting the paper works ready and the nurse un hooked me from the I.V . Jordan wheeled me to dad`s room I saw dad and he smiled at me and got up came , hugged me , said to me don`t worry I will be with you little homey tomorrow ! I asked if I can take his sweater with me ?! sure . Uncle Roni took me home I said my goodnight prayers , I hove small bandages on my nose . I carefully took a shower and with Uncle Roni`s help he helped me put my socks on , I ate food and lay down on dad`s california king sized bed. Uncle Frank appeared , sat down next to me Jordan , Toni spent the night we mostly talked and watched movies , read . Jordan`s ears pricked up when he heard something , all of a sudden dad came wow he had a few little cuts on face , no other injuries . Dad said she`s outta the picture for good , she`s in prison . A couple of months later the wrapps were off my ankle and knee , I still have the bandage on my nose !
. Are you gonna get married again ?! I asked dad uh no after the hell yo mama put me through naw I am happy
we are finally happy and moved on with life , dad told me mama doesn`t love , she tried to kill me when I was inside her womb , since he told not to cause he doesn`t believe in women killing babies . He told her to have me , that he , the rest of the family will help him with me !
I love my dad , big brothers