Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nathan`s diary

Well time had gone fast man I still can`t believe I am married , Candy is older than she is 40 , I am only barely 22 , our boys are 11 . 12 years old . I still get sick easily , I has bladder problems too which causes me to pee on myself back when I was a kid it used to embarrassed  me but now its doesn`t  cause I know I would get healed by God one day   , I had a stroke when I was 16 years old and at 17 years old I fought an stomach infection  . I blasted when it rains it pours by 50 cents , I parked the car , waited for the boys , Baby Marshall , Rabbit , Joshua , Baby Tony , Jordan ,      Richie .

Baby Marshall , Rabbit are mines , Joshua , Jordan are Jordan`s , Baby Tony , Richie are Tony`s , hi boys , I smiled , said to them as I hugged them , alright lets pick up your daddies and mommies I said over the music , I gave a hug to Mandy who`s Candy`s best friend , also Jordan`s wifey , I hugged Sandy who`s Candy`s other best friend , she`s married to Tony , I hugged my two best friends ,  I stuck my  tongue out at uncle proof Jordan`s dad who is daddy best friend , also at my momma who laughed , I gave a hug to uncle Em daddy`s other best friend. We went out to eat , came back home , I said my goodnight prayers , along with my family , than yet again I had to change ,  I took another shower , dad  you ok ?! Rabbit asked me in his thick  Detroit accent , yeah I said to him as I zipped up the red sweater I borrowed from dad , I has three brothers in total , two of them ain`t full blooded but you know I don`t care I hugged my brothers , dad popped in Chuckie`s kids , me , the ladies including my nieces we brought in the snacks , before the movie started I had to change so I put on a depend , clean clothes , took the other round of medication by the time the movie was over it was bedtime at 1:00 the alarm clock went off , it was time take my medications again , the sleeping pills I take started kicking in so I said goodnight to everyone , went to sleep after brushing my teeth , today was fun like always!

Love Lil Nate Shorty!