Saturday, October 25, 2014

Nathan's Diary

  I love my sons so much I thank God for them . They don't mind my craziness , really don't mind when I jump on their beds or when I pop in their rooms when I can't sleep at night .

My dad would do that sometimes wow I really love him , it's 12:00 am , I paced around Rabbit room , I hugged him and Baby Marshall , dad you are so tired looking and plus you need to sleep Baby Marshall and Rabbit said to me , I did what I was told , cuddle up against them , went to sleep ! I woke up again , got up from the bed , left  the room , it is 1:00 am , I can't sleep , I guess I  can watch a movie , um dad you ain't gonna sleep ?! I heard Rabbit , Baby Marshall asked me humph ummm I can't sleep , I said to  them with my head down awe it's ok daddy we understand , that made me smiled , wanna watch a movie I asked them?!  Sure they said 

, off we went to the movie room , I picked out Freddy cougar movie series, cuddled between my sons , yeah we are coved with a huge blanket , the lights are off in the room, Jordan the dog is also here too, yes I have Jordan since I was little.  

Lil Nate Shorty